Things are changing | Stiles and Lydia

Nerves. That was a completely new feeling for Lydia to be feeling once she stood up and began to pace her room for a moment. It was just Stiles and yet the knot in her stomach still clenched in a ball that caused her to stop in front of her mirror and make eye contact with the girl on the other side, “You are Lydia Martin. Gorgeous, intelligent, and a loyal friend. You are confident and need to suck it up and get ready.” It was a bit ridiculous but once she said the words an eased smile found it’s way to her lips as she began searching for just the perfect set of pajamas. Something that wasn’t frumpy but also wasn’t to sexy. She decided to try and not be that cruel tonight. After about three minutes of debating she settled on a pair of black silk shorts with a matching cami that showed just how creamy her skin was. With that all to important decision made she quickly changed from her clothes that she wore to school into them and cleared her face of make up before brushing her teeth and hair. 

Completely ready for whenever he arrived she decided it was better to be safe than sorry with him and made a bag of popcorn but limited herself to the one snack. He was probably still full and to be honest she wasn’t really even hungry herself. In all the preparations took about fifteen minutes before she was laying ontop of her bed with her legs crossed neatly at her ankles and watching the history channel until he arrived.